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Original Recordings of Strange Taste and Other Basque / Is It Love? Stories on Patreon

In a desperate bid to continue to feature audiovisual stories on my website, and to have my new stories recorded, I have, remarkably for me, decided to go commercial on Patreon starting with three featured audio tales (Patrons only) supported by lots of story extracts and images (open to all), Q&A for Patrons. 

The first three are: Strange Taste (all 11 original instalments which differ from the book) featuring Ruth, and Red Sparkle and Captivity featuring Linnea. 

If there is sufficient interest I would like to feature all Basque, IIT? and Is It Love? 18+ stories on Patreon and make the website more accessible to all. IF! Presently, there's no interest at all. The more Patrons, the more audiovisual stories, images and story extracts!

Watch This Space!

Strange Taste Photo (toadstools on my garden lawn): as banned by Facebook!



1644: Heathen.

Following Seth’s disclosure under torture Julia is captured, discovered then publicly persecuted as a witch. But Julia isn’t the witch. Alice, her mystical lover, a pretty little thing with frizzy hair and freckles… Heathen the first of twenty-one sensationally different love stories in Basque - Love Stories on Amazon.



Lying comatose on top of the counterpane, dead from the neck down. The body twitched! The body lit up, in deep purple! The body came to life!

‘Oh, my God! Charlie! What have they done to you?! Charlie! Charlie!’

Dying Wish - classic sci-fi from Is It Today? featuring astonishing Linnea Sage. Please forgive my ironic sense of humour - I was born or created in West Sussex before relocating to Essex, then off to my remote lighthouse on the Coast!


Charlie (after the OPERATION!):



Of Habitat, and Hope

The anti-mermaid lives outside her mythical habitat, struggling to swim against the tide of modern life. She’s Covid, coughing, gasping for air, drowning in an alien murky sea of despair, an ocean of grief, pain and sorrow. But she is tough: a fighter, a lover of the good, a kind nurse, a caring soul, an example to us all. Megan will make it through, grow a mermaid’s tail of her own, and live to be free. Happy. Content. Swimming in the warm swell of love which tends us all. Her underlying torrent of strength, her bubbly, frothy, inexhaustible hope a driven will to overcome the odds that will surely see us through.

For the Ill, the heroic Nurses and Doctors in our Hospitals and the Carers in our Homes.

HJ Furl 23rd May 2020