Does the weather affect your writing mood and setting? I stayed at the Thorn at Mistley on the Stour Estauary nr Harwich in Essex. After a smashing Full English Breakfast, I ventured outside to discover a large plaque saying The Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins, stayed there in the 17th Century. Apparently, he was responsible for the trial and execution of more than 300 alleged witches. No doubt they were all innocent. 

Cue new story. Well, I have struggled to finish the emotional scene, the arrest, capture, imprisonment, interrogation and final ducking of a poor witch until today. What a wet, miserable, overcast day! I think 'Julia' might have drowned on such a day. Now, in a suitably gloomy mood, I am ready to describe her fate.

Does anyone else suffer weather mood swings when they write? Please, say yes!


BTW if you do visit the area (famous for its beautiful Constable country ramble) look out for the strangest-looking lighthouse on stilts. Cue a new story: The Hut!             

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