With so many of us stuck at home in self-isolation at the moment, I am making a new story, poem, or audio sample available for all to access online via my website isittodayhjfurl.com or daily Facebook posts on my Is It Today by HJ Furl page. There are also updates on Twitter @FurlHj. The stories are for ages 16+  as some contain adult content.

Stay Safe.


Website: 22nd March:

Act of Kindness (social comment) - LIVE extract recorded by Linnea Sage

Lighthouse (dark fantasy) -LIVE extract recorded by Linnea Sage

Dream, to Me (romance)

Girl on the Bus (science fiction)

It's Crying Gas! (science fiction)

Stretch Class (dystopian sci-fi)

Facebook: Is It Today by HJ Furl and Twitter: 21st March

Link to Young at Heart (science fiction / romance) - story and LIVE recorded extract by Linnea Sage - she's brilliant - don't miss her!

  Thank you for reading me      

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