I heard today that the full force of the lockdown will be applied here in the UK this weekend with the Government instructing us not to leave our homes, but to stay indoors, as the Spring sun shines down gloriously upon us. Like most writers, I'm still writing. I don't know about you but I find it impossible not to get caught up in the mood of the Covid-19 outbreak, the way our world is changing, forever. 

I now have two new short stories 'on the go', both set today, both romances, in their own unusual way. I may publish them as an anthology, Is It Love?, for my second book, may publish them online. I will decide after the release of Is It Today? LIVE - the audiobook featuring sensational Linnea Sage which is due out any day now. Either way, The Potting Shed and The Bristling might... just.. make... you... think...

The Potting Shed

 The Bristling (image by Casper Nicholls on Unsplash)

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