A Very Special Dedication
Of Habitat, and Hope

The anti-mermaid lives outside her mythical habitat, struggling to swim against the tide of modern life. She’s Covid, coughing, gasping for air, drowning in an alien murky sea of despair, an ocean of grief, pain and sorrow. But she’s tough: a fighter, a lover of the good, a kind nurse, a caring soul, an example to us all. She will make it through, grow a mermaid’s tail of her own, and live to be free: happy, content, swimming in the warm swell of love which tends us all, her underlying torrent of strength, her bubbly, frothy, inexhaustible hope, a driven will to overcome the odds, that will surely see us through!

(New Life after Covid-19)

For the ill, the heroic nurses and doctors of the NHS, carers in homes, at home, essential front-line workers, and the furloughed. That they shall find new hope.
HJ Furl 23rd May 2020

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