Time to Change

The past 3 months have been frustrating, frightening and dangerous times for us all. As we cautiously emerge from lockdown and adapt to our new way of living, I have decided to move forward, to change. Here is a mock-up of the cover, the photo is by brilliant Stefan Keller at Pixabay and captures the mood:

Is It Love?

I've finally finished the sequel to Is It Today? I say finally because I've been really struggling, writing with one blind eye. My right eye has scar tissue on the retina and the operation at Moorfields in April had to be cancelled. Writing and editing stories seems to take twice as long. Is It Love? is a collection of thirty four stories about the thin line between love, obsession and hate. Here is a sneak preview, my draft 'back of book blurb':  


HJ Furl explores the thin, often fragile, lines we draw between love, hate and obsession with a host of surprisingly vulnerable characters in a ‘new normal’ world of isolation and controversy. It is five-sixteen, rush hour, Poet’s Day: time for Stretch Class. An assassin faces certain death by lethal injection. Chaos breaks out in a remote medical research facility when a caged human clone escapes captivity. An innocent heathen is persecuted for being a witch. A grieving groom struggles to come to terms with the emotional effects of the pandemic. A homicidal religious maniac ‘shelters’ homeless young men in her bedsit. A chance encounter abroad leads to love and enjoyment. A pig-worshipping cult encounters unexpected danger off a tropical beach. An astronaut becomes emotionally attached to his life support system. A stress victim suffers from incurable bristling. A deranged wife prepares to kill her husband with his garden spade…

Is It Love? they seek, a quick cheap thrill, an enduring obsession, or will their love turn to hate? 

How will you love when the harsh realities of ‘new normal’ become too much for you to bear?

Will fantasies be your only salvation?


I live in a remote lighthouse on the coast with my two Siamese cats, a robot, and live-in lover. When I am not busy dreaming, I comb the beach for unusual shells, and your plastic waste, saving stranded marine mammals. Of indeterminate age, I love to swim in the ice-cold ocean to keep myself looking young.

Is It Love? is my second provocative anthology of short stories. Is It Today? was only my first.

Well, what do you think? Do you have a point of view? Would such a controversial book be of interest to you? I would love to hear from you. I never hear from anyone. I am not a celebrity. Perhaps, if I was? If  I heard from you I would reply, even blog more! Oh, well, I'll contact my publisher tomorrow. I only hope she likes it! 

Multi Media Web Site

I am working with on exciting changes to my website isittodayhjfurl.com. I am dying to tell you more!! 

Is It Today? LIVE Audio    

This is due out any day now, I promise! I can only apologize for the long delay due to the high number of  audiobook submissions to ACX, me stupidly uploading an audio-file twice, and Covid-19, I expect. I am so sorry this has taken so long, Linnea:

What do I say to Linnea Sage, the voice of Harriet-Jacqui Furl and 137 different characters in 28 short stories? I’m thrilled and delighted to have had the opportunity to bring Is It Today? to life with you. I listen to our stories every day.

Linnea, one of the joys of collaborating with you on Is It Today? LIVE was agreeing challenging goals, setting tones, accents, personalities. Thrilled at how you brought individuality and depth to my vulnerable characters as they endured distressing conflict.  I just can’t wait for the dream to come alive! Thank you so much, Linnea.

Hear sensational Linnea Sage bring Is It Today? to life on Amazon, Audible & I-Tunes very soon!   


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