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In the story, Dancers, Why? a US airman is fated by a mysterious wartime dancer. The surprise builds up in Sarah like a white rabbit about to burst out of a magician’s hat. I found the image for Sarah a year ago, but have struggled to find John, the American airman. 

Until I do, here is some original nose art on a WW2 American bomber. 

Dancers, Why? Is It Today? LIVE! HJ Furl featuring sensational Linnea Sage, as Sarah:

Karen Blush - Blue Infinity, Red Heart

Karen, the freckled girl on the Central Line tube train in my fantasy story Blue Infinity, Red Heart is based on a real girl, covered in freckles, who sat opposite us on the train between Stratford and Loughton, where she got off. She attracted the attention of an unruly yob who harassed her by sitting down beside her, making lewd comments. Disgusted, I suggested that he calm down and leave her alone. They both got off at Loughton.  I wrote Blue Infinity because I wanted to bring attention to her plight - I think she only travelled late at night to spare her blushes. Hence the name: Karen Blush. The story has a happy ending, deliberately so, in her memory. I hope she finds peace, and happiness.

Blue Infinity, Red Heart from Is It Today? LIVE featuring sensational Linnea Sage as Karen:

‘You were staring at my freckles, weren’t you? Like other men do. Beautiful, aren’t they?' 

Is It Today? 



I struggle to understand modern relationships. Are they based on love, sex, trust, consensus, equality, necessity? What are they based on? Are the flowers of romance dead and buried? 

Coming Out of the Rub. Is It Today?



The mist lifted. The sky cleared. She stared at the heavens, the blue void filling with crescent moons, glitterball stars, gasping, awed by what came next…

The Arrival from Is It Today?

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The Arrival:


A filthy glue-sniffing girl begs for your help at dusk. What do you do? What can you do? One Act of Kindness is all it takes. To show how much you love her? from Is It Today? Available as a book and e-book from Amazon...

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For What We Are About to Become. What happens if you ingest the plastic microparticles - in your food chain? Plastic Man. Is it Today? LIVE! HJ Furl, featuring sensational Linnea Sage:


Two college students from very different social classes, Alex and Jacqui, are set up on a blind date by Suzie: sunbathing on Wittering Beach, followed by a romantic candlelit dinner. Alex is a hermit who has never known love. He worries Jacqui might not turn up. Fears she’ll break his heart if she does. The date starts off badly and gets progressively worse.

Wishes. Romance. Is It Today? LIVE! HJ Furl featuring sensational actress Linnea Sage:


Free Full Length Audiobook - Strange Taste

1972: An intimate, erotic, portrait of 36 hours in the lives of two teenage lovers, their backgrounds, the reasons for their infatuation, th...