Painstakingly, the boy reached up for the jewel in the crown, the holy grail, lying in its cradle and extracted it. To a poor boy like Dan this ball, the custom Titleist ProV1x tournament ball, was priceless. The ProV1x, one of the longest balls in golf, had a great feel and softness for a distance ball, pure off the putter, with a great roll. An expensive ball for a recreational golfer to lose at the local club. Proudly, Dan wiped the trophy ball clean and popped it in his mouth, to keep it safe.

- The Dare, a story about bullying, bullies... and victims. Is It Today? Fantasies. Amazon. 

Proud to say I read this story out live on Phoenix 98FM Radio in Essex. Sadly, bullying has now moved online. We should never cease in our quest to stop bullying in all it's horrid forms. Oh, I was bullied at school, too, for being shy.

The Bully, Jack:

The Bullied, Danny:

Ah well, back to listening to 'Us and Them' from 'The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. 

Sheer Bliss! - HJ x

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