An intimate, erotic, portrait of 36 hours in the lives of two teenage lovers, their backgrounds, the reasons for their infatuation, their fateful outcomes. Georgie is a promiscuous Australian backpacker. He is a virgin. They meet at a boozy, drug-ridden party - and lose all self-control.

Strange Taste (18+) from Basque - Love Stories due out in mid-June on Amazon. 

Meet the Cast!

Georgie, a backpacker from Adelaide:

Him, a virgin, from Crawley, West Sussex, England:

Lindsey and Janis (identical twins), from Reigate, Surrey, England:

Katie Kaufmann, a floorwalker at the Air Grill, Gatwick Airport:

Kayleigh and Matt, Australian friends of Georgie:

O'Brien, a Neighbour:

Strange Taste: effect on Lindsey:

The story wouldn't be complete without the picture of two garden toadstools clearly growing out of my garden lawn - which Facebook banned for breaching Community Standards - that's Bots for you!

More Stories and Images from Basque to follow!

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