News! Exclusively for You! Basque Story Listing.

I was pleasantly euphoric just now when I had an e mail from Sarah at Mirador to tell me that Basque has gone live! Allowing 15 working days for Amazon the book and e book will be on sale by 30th June. That said, rules are there to be broken. Here, for your eyes only, are the stories, in the order that they'll appear in the book:

1644: Heathen.

1946: Myrtlesham Halt.

1969: Pretty, Still.

1972: Strange Taste.

1973: Intimate Exchange.

1977: Cheese and Shin.

1983: Snowdrops.

2015: Marion Filbert.

2017: You.

2018: Ana's Orbs.

2018: The Hide.

2019: Evie's Downfall.

2019: Say Hello to Pearl.

2020: The Marital.

2020: The Potting Shed.

2020: Allure.

2020: The Bristling.

2021: Selected, Really?

2021: Basque.

2021: Taylin Stuns.

2021: Occasionally (*)

(*) the first of the monthly featured audiovisual stories on my website:

I'll post the Amazon link here as soon as it is available.

Look out for the promotional video featuring sensational actor, Ruth Pownall, and later in the year, the audiobook.

Thank you for your interest and kind support,

HJ x

PS I am now dreaming up new stories, starting with Mae: Blue Moon. No rest for the wicked!


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