Strange Taste - Characters Come to Life!

Strange Taste - Characters come to Life! in Basque - Love Stories at Amazon ( go to Books, type Basque Love Stories by HJ Furl. Official release date: 30th June 

'Don't worry, I'll take care of you' - Georgie

'I love you, Georgie! I love you, Georgie!' - Him.

'What did he give you, Sis?' - Janis with Lindsey.

'I saw you playing in the garden. Saw you playing on the swing, with him.' - Janis to Georgie.

'Will I feel you later?' Katie Kauffman to Him.

'I can't do it, Kayleigh, I'm too knackered' Matt.

'Please Matt, I want to try for a baby.' Kayleigh.

'I'm sorry, I got carried away.' O'Brien.

'This tastes delicious. What is it?' Georgie.

Like to fathom what's going on? Read Strange Taste (18+) in Basque - Love Stories - after all, rules are there to be broken! 

Basque - officially released 30th June - available now type 'Basque love stories by HJ Furl' in the address bar next to Books). 

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