Allure - Extract from Basque - Love Stories


Allure (extract)

verb: to entice or tempt someone.

noun: attractiveness, appeal.

allure: the power a woman has over a man.

It was Thursday evening, last light, when she walked in out of the rain. Her hair was streaked with wet. She removed her dripping hooded mocha puffer jacket, shook it off, and scooted past me to the toilet, without giving me so much as a glance. I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing a revealing pink floral print open-backed wrap bodysuit, tight high-waisted light blue riot mom jeans, and white trainers. Shaken, but unstirred, I turned around to polish the glasses.

We offered our customers a choice of exotic cocktails, select organic beers, or vegan wine.

I heard her voice: soft, syrupy, sensuous, prompting me to serve her. Suppressed my cough.

I turned to face her, asked her what she wanted to drink. She told me she wanted Sex on the Beach.

I smiled, Don’t we all?

She had that rare allure of a woman who knows she is beautiful, sexy, gorgeous. 

Allure from Basque - love, as you have never read it before.

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