The Potting Shed - Extract - from Basque - Love Stories

The Potting Shed (extract) from Basque

The Potting Shed:

Her face became indistinct. Ruth gradually faded away. He felt Antonia, stirring beneath him. He looked into her eyes. They were brimming with tears. Her face was lit by the happiest smile. He brushed her damp cheeks, brushed away her tears, stroked her hair. He loved her so much,

‘You’re crying, Toni.’

She found herself wanting him again, rubbing the hairy small of his back, clawing his buttocks,

‘I always cry when I make love, y’know. How’re you feeling?’

Antonia (Toni) and Allen:

He relaxed onto her, sighing contentedly,

‘I haven’t felt so well in years. I love you, Antonia.’

She felt his weight, his manly body bearing down on hers, igniting his passion with her promise,

‘It’s over, Allen, I promise. She’s gone. I can feel it. I can feel her, sweetheart, I can feel her…’


Reader to HJ: 'Are all the stories like this one?'
HJ to Reader: 'No, no, they're not. They're all different. I mean yes, yes, they are all different? Quirky. I mean, I don't know what I mean. Read Basque and judge for yourself. Basque. Love!

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