Basque - 21 Daring Love Stories... and Toadstools!

 Basque – 21 Daring Love Stories

Julia, an innocent heathen, is persecuted as a witch. War widow Helen leads a solitary life in the countryside - until her life is transformed by the arrival of a young soldier. Linda, a schoolgirl, develops a teenage crush on her demented Chemistry teacher: a story with an explosive ending. Georgie, a promiscuous Australian backpacker, meets a virgin at a drug-ridden party - they lose all self-control. Marie paints snowdrops with her mouth. A homicidal religious maniac shelters homeless young men in her bedsit. Louys tells you the real reason why she walked away from her marriage. A delightful holiday romance ends with an astonishing twist in the siren’s tail. Evie, an adulterous woman, and Scott, her fiancé, rediscover love as they struggle to cope with terminal cancer. Pearl, a Clone, escapes from a secret research laboratory. First, she has to kill her human toy. Virginia, a deranged wife, tries to kill her ailing husband with a garden spade. Come on wives, own up! Allen, seeking sex, love, and reconciliation with Antonia, is haunted by his dead bride, Ruth. Allure: the power an attractive woman exerts over a young man. A woman suffers from incurable bristling. Simon loves art, animals, Lizzie, and Joely. Taylin stuns mourners at a funeral with her highly personal protest. Suzie takes Jacqui to the brink in their intensely erotic clandestine encounter.

Basque – Daring Love Stories

rules are there to be broken:

Toadstools from my back lawn (the original book cover - linked to Strange Taste). They were banned by Facebook for being too suggestive! I suppose they are a bit risqué - these days!!



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