Ellis reached the path first, scanning the trees to his left, staring up at the top of the wall; no tell-tale glint of metal in the sunlight, no insurgent lurking in the shadows. Now, where was the insurgent? Hiding in one of the dilapidated farm buildings? Skulking in the clump of trees? He glanced back at the gallery of anxious faces: Cook, Watts, Scully, Hart, Parker, McKay. All of them breathing hard, scanning the wall, guns at the ready. Intent on their survival...

A tall, robed figure ghosted out of the wall, armed with a semi-automatic machine gun.

Ellis radioed, ‘McKay! Insurgent! Behind you!’

McKay swivelled, too late.

Insurgent - Is It Today? LIVE! featuring astonishing Linnea Sage:

Scully - before:

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