She's Back! Marnie's Child!

 I yell, ‘Who is Dr Cheung?!’

By way of a reply, Marnie produces a tatty card from the pocket of her faded drainpipe jeans:

Alice Cheung, MD

Experimental Birth Consultant

The Karena Institute for Designer Babies

'The Karena Institute! Where’s that for heaven’s sake?!’

‘It’s in Karena, where do you think it is?’


'Mm, Karena, in Garth.’

‘Garth? Where’s Garth when it’s at home?’

‘Near Blinsk in Manchuria.’

Defeated, I change tack,

‘How much is this costing me, Marnie?!’

‘Dex,’ she says firmly, ‘My treatment isn’t costing you a penny. How could you possibly afford it on furlough? I’m paying for Cheung, the Institute, Neutrazine, out of my modelling earnings.

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