Writing from Images: Evie's Downfall

I write many of my characters from online images, partly because they support the publication of my stories on the website, mainly because images provide me with a visual starting point, from which to create my characters, and I love characters. To me, character is all. From time to time, I come across an image that, I feel, more closely represents a character - and change it. This is the case with poor Evie from Evie's Downfall...

Evie, an adulterous woman, and Scott, her gadget-obsessed fiancé, rediscover love as they struggle to cope with her terminal breast cancer. Mia, her sister, tries to get Scott to accept the inevitable.

This is how I see Evie now:

Image: Kirill Balobanov at Unsplash

Evie's Downfall, one of 21 love stories from Basque:


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