Suppose a surgeon offered you a new body - to save your life. Would you take it?

‘Oh, my God! Charlie! What have they done to you?! Charlie! Charlie!’

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Ghostly Goings On!

‘There’ll be no moon of cheese tonight, no starry night sky, no witch riding a broomstick.’ Salt Marsh. Ghostly goings-on! LIVE! featuring sensational Ruth Pownall:

Today's News

“Some of the world’s richest men are investing in the science of immortality.” 

- The Times 25th September. 

Lana hasn’t changed at all since I initiated the affair. She is still the same woman I left, gentle, refined, sophisticated, charming, and beautiful. She has the vitality and physique of a woman half her age. Young at Heart from Is it Today? by HJ Furl. LIVE! Featuring sensational Linnea Sage narrating at her very best:





Madison and Kaitlyn

I’m creating very sexy, dark, erotic audiobooks with daring stories and stunning visuals:

TWO GIRLS find love, intimacy, and sex in their secret garden in the heart of the forest.

TWO GIRLS – what could possibly go wrong?

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TWO GIRLS – what could possibly go wrong?...

Jessica Cleft - Fantasist


Wake Up Everyone! Before it's too late! Plastic Man - Is It Today? HJ Furl.



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Stretch Class

5:16: rush hour, Poet’s Day Friday 20th July 2029: Stretch Class! Featuring sensational actor Ruth Pownall. Is It Love? Website. Stories by HJ Furl: 

Every Picture Tells A Story

Every Tuesday we ramble through the Essex Countryside. Three lovely surprises from our 4.5 miler around Great Bardfield today, I can't wait to write about them!

The Moil of the Mill:

Burning Dead Wood Before Halloween:

Red Admiral Butterfly (asleep!):

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2020: The Bristling from Basque – Love Stories LIVE!

A woman suffers from seemingly incurable bristling. She meets a man who might be able to cure her just as she is about to jump in front of a train. A touching, sensual, erotic love story.


1972: All eleven original episodes of Strange Taste from Basque now streaming LIVE!

An intimate, erotic, portrait of 36 hours in the lives of two teenage lovers, their backgrounds, the reasons for their infatuation, their fateful outcomes. Georgie is a promiscuous Australian backpacker. He is a virgin. They meet at a boozy, drug-ridden party - and lose all self-control.

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Occasionally - listen live on Patreon tonight!

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been frightened of the dark, things that go bump in the night, faces at the window, black mirrors, that sort of thing. I write about them – dark, erotic, fantasies. Those of you who know me, and read me, will understand why....

Mistley - Back To Where Three Stories Started!

All writer's need inspiration from time to time, and I am no exception. This is why I am so thrilled to return to Mistley, a small hamlet nestled on the Essex bank of the Stour estuary between Manningtree and Harwich. The broad estuarial waters, The Thorn, the brewery oasthouses, the large blue plaque describing Hopkins, the Witchfinder General of Essex (who lived at The Thorn between 1644 and 1646), the quaint railway station, and the mysterious lighthouse on stilts further along the estuary have all inspired stories, particularly:

The Hut: (go to my website:

A Boy makes an astonishing discovery when he enters a mysterious sea hut at low tide. Ruth Pownall is sensational as the Boy:

Swallowtail: (go to my website:

The world’s sexiest secret agent goes missing presumed dead in Nuremberg. Swallowtail starring sensational Ruth Pownall as Jane Bond. The scene involving the clandestine meeting between N2 (pictured) and his male superior and lover O1 is played out on the platform at Mistley and inside The Thorn itself in scenes reminiscent of one of my major influences, the late, great, multi-talented Bryan Forbes:

Nigel, N2:

He felt sickened in his gut. The wet squad was a blame culture, deliberately perpetrated by O1 to keep the underlings on their toes. If the Ring fell, he would have the blood of ten covert agents on his hands, not to mention her. He couldn’t believe she was dead. She bore his child, had his baby. He would have to care for Tim, collect him from school at exeats, cope with his grief, take him back to the Brecks, the Broads, the country havens she treasured so much when she was alive. He loved her, before he came out.

N2 climbed down from the train, his new white trainers scudding the grit on the platform as the door slid shut behind him. The train meandered off past the distant signal towards the sea, its final resting place. His lungs sucked in the chill of the thick mist. The smack of salt tested his lips. He pulled his old school scarf tight round his neck, lifting his collar to warm his ears. As he huddled into his wool coat and edged towards the exit, he saw a delicious manly figure, moving towards him. 

- extract from Swallowtail.

Heathen - the opening story in Basque - Love Stories available from Amazon:


Following Seth’s disclosure under torture Julia is captured, discovered then publicly persecuted as a witch. But Julia isn’t the witch. Alice, her mystical lover, a pretty little thing with frizzy hair and freckles…

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Strange Taste LIVE! Episode 1: Foretaste

Strange Taste from Basque - Love Stories - Foretaste - now streaming live on Patreon featuring Georgie: 

"Shall we go outside and play in the garden?" 

Episode 2 next! 


The Girl:

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Ruth is an Actor and Voiceover Artist originally from York. She has voiced commercially for clients such as Amazon, Fujitsu, Morrisons and McCain and she is also currently working with clients from the United States on a new Audiobook series for Apple. On screen Ruth has played the lead role of Mia in The Voyeur (Film) and has featured in The One Show, Jack Whitehall's Backchat and Meet Me on The Southbank for Shooting Script Films.

Ruth Pownall: an astonishing reason for listening to our audiovisual stories Thank you so much Ruth for your remarkable acting and diverse character voices: Australian (Georgie), Russian (Ekaterina), Scottish (Pearl), German (Ana), French (Dani), Croat, Ruth’s! Contact Ruth at:


Linnea Sage sensationally brought to life Harriet-Jacqui Furl, Narrator and one hundred and thirty-nine characters in twenty-eight different stories for Is It Today? Linnea, a Professional Voice Over Artist, has done voiceover for national commercials, cartoons, smartphone apps, online courses, and special projects.

To contact Linnea, Google Linnea Sage.

Cherry Pie:

Cherry, a Professional Voice Over Artist, is a well-spoken, educated, 20-something woman living in the North of England with a BSc in Criminology and Psychology. 

Ruth Pownall, Linnea Sage, and Cherry Pie, Voices, Actors, Superstars! 3 astonishing reasons for visiting the audiovisual read and listen stories on our website at (8951 reads / listens so far!)

Pig Beach (extract!)

Tippi raised her thin brows a mite, pursed her cherry lips and said, in a hushed voice filled with syrupy, hickory, tones of awe and wonder:

‘Can I swim with the Pigs now, Cabe? Please say yes.’

‘Yes, Tippi!’ I hugged her round shoulders, beaming with pride, ‘Go swim with the Pigs.’


‘Why of course, Tip,’ Marta trilled, tears of joy streaming down her puffy cheeks, ‘In you go!’

‘Aal, will you marry me in ten-year’s time? If I swim with the Pigs?’ Tippi enquired...

Pig Beach featuring astonishing Linnea Sage LIVE! at:


Marnie's Child


Suppose Marnie tried for a designer baby? 

Now, suppose she already had one, but didn’t tell… 

Sensational Ruth Pownall is Marnie.

It's getting DARK outside.

Marnie’s Child LIVE! FREE! at:



A woman suffers from incurable bristling. She meets a man who might be able to help her, just as she is about to jump in front of a train. A sensual, touching, heart-warming love story.

The Bristling from Basque - Love Stories LIVE! on Patreon. NEW stories added every week:

Basque – 21 Daring Love Stories

 after all, rules are there to be broken, aren’t they?

She's Back!

She's Back!


Jane Bond in Swallowtail! LIVE!

She's Back!

Jane Bond in The Girl with the Sun Kissed Mole! LIVE!

She's Back!

Jane Bond LIVE! 

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HJ Furl is creating very sexy, dark, quirky, and erotic audiobooks with stories and visuals:

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It's getting DARK outside.

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Free Full Length Audiobook - Strange Taste

1972: An intimate, erotic, portrait of 36 hours in the lives of two teenage lovers, their backgrounds, the reasons for their infatuation, th...