Chat And Spin Radio Interview: Thursday Night!

Other than a minor technical glitch when we lost our Zoom connection, I had a wonderful time this evening chatting to Ron about my writing, Is It Today? and Basque at Here it all is:

I live in a left-behind Essex. A land of shabby suburbs, mixed with ancient forests, that dwell in the shadows of London. Welcome to a world of sleazy nail-bars, bald-headed barbers, toxic beauty clinics, gyms where no-one takes out their ear plugs to talk to you.

Writing has changed my life. I began to learn to write fiction online in 2016. Since then, I’ve read my stories live at BBQ’s, in an organic café, a gazebo. I’m proud to be a member of Brentwood Writer’s Circle, and I’ve published two books. I love writing character. To me, character is all.  

A wonderful reader wrote:

‘HJ does an amazing job bringing the characters to life. They feel real and draw you into their stories as you connect with their lives and experience how they see the world. Beautifully written stories that connect with your heart from the first page.’

My stories have also been called daring, quirky and, um, very sexy!

Is It Today? is an intriguing blend of dystopian science fiction, dark fantasies, and bitter-sweet romances like the beguiling Our Secret Place:

Dear Linda,

I lay awake thinking of you last night, the wind - whistling in the eaves, the rain - spattering on my window pane. I wondered about our love. What if we had never found our secret place?

I miss you,


BasqueLove Stories date from 1644, through the Swinging 60’s and 70’s to today’s modern attitudes. They’re all about how men, and women, treat, and love, women.

Heathen, the first story, set in 1644, starts with a quaint poem:


That I can live my life with you, is all that I can pray.

That I can learn to love you more, every passing day,

That you will find fulfilment, in all the things we do,

That we enjoy the happiness, which lives in love so true,

That when you go to heaven, I’m waiting there for you…

Then Julia, an innocent heathen is discovered and persecuted as a witch.

1969: Pretty, Still

Linda has a teenage crush on her Chemistry teacher. A story with an explosive ending.

1973: Strange Taste:

Georgie, a promiscuous Aussie backpacker, meets a virgin boy at a boozy, drug-ridden house party. They lose their self-control.

1983: Snowdrops

I went all teary when I read this moving tale to Mulberry Writers Group. Limb deficient Marie paints snowdrops - with her mouth.

2017: You

Louys Red-Ball tells you the real reason why she walked out of her marriage to football star Jayson.

May 2018, Thursday Night: Ana’s Orbs

The disco on the veranda bar was in full swing, the dancefloor awash with flashing lights. Ana had changed into a sexy full-length black evening dress, split as high as her waist. Q holiday romance!

2020: The Marital.

Virginia tries to kill her husband with a spade. Come on ladies, own up!

The Potting Shed:

Allen, seeking sex, love & reconciliation with Antonia is haunted - by his dead bride Ruth.

The Bristling:

A woman suffers from incurable bristling. She meets a man who might be able to help her, just as she is about to jump in front of a train. A heart-warming love story.

2021: Basque:

‘I’ll care for you. I’ll create an environment for you to live in that’s warm, comfortable, safe, secure, ensure you’re well-fed. Make you happy. Make your dreams come true.’ – says Simon.

By the way: Simon loves art… animals… Lizzie… and Joely.

Basque – Daring Love Stories

after all, rules are there to be broken, aren’t they?

Visit my website. Hear stories read live by sensational actor Ruth Pownall at:

E-mail me:

Thank you Ron.

I have had some great feedback. Ron told me that 139,000 listeners worldwide tuned in at 6pm tonight. It would be lovely if 0.01% of those bought one of my books! As Einstein said in the Red Alert video game trailer (remember Red Alert?), "Time will tell!"

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