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Visit my awesome website for a significant and varied choice of unique audiovisual stories including audiobooks recorded by sensational actors Ruth Pownall, Linnea Sage, Cherry Pie and introducing awesome Nikki Delgado starring in Deceit (on Wednesday!):

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Basque* (exclusive extract), Dancers Why?, Marnie's Child, Our Secret Place, Snowdrops from Basque, and Wishes.


Young at Heart, The Arrival*, Bugs*, Dying Wish, The Girl on the Bus, Plastic Man, Stretch Class, Supposed Paradise, Umbilicus*, and Worried About Wioletta.


Salt Marsh, Dream, to Me, God Bless Ya, The Hut*, Red Rubber Ball*, Unbelievable Highs, Why Is It?, and Adelphi.


Apocalypse, Knight in Shining Armour*, Jane Bond! in Swallowtail* and The Girl with a Sun-Kissed Mole*, and Thrill Seekers*.


Fuss*, Pig Beach, Siren*, Act of Kindness, and The Appearance.

Dark Erotic:

Two Girls*, Captivity*, Mae*, and Deceit* featuring Nikki Delgado (release date Wed).

* mature adult content - readers under 18 are discouraged using a secure 18+ gateway.

Support me on Patreon: only £5 / $6.2 a month! Less than the price of a large Big Mac! These are all very sexy adult audiovisual stories featuring actors, plus full story text, and stunning visuals *all 18+ secure gateway*:

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The Bristling*, Occasionally*, Strange Taste Directors Cut* original audiobooks from Basque, Mae*, Two Girls*, Red Sparkle*

Watch out for more sensational live stories, coming soon!

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