I'm very sorry to all of my regular blog followers for even suggesting that I should close down my blog. I value all your support enormously, and it was remiss of me to say that "no comments meant no interest".

I'm thrilled to announce that my blog will continue indefinitely, with more news, more views, more free stories here (starting with some Halloween Specials from tonight!) and story extracts from Basque and Is It Today? with all the usual suspects (character photos).

Free Audiovisual Website:

Don't forget to visit my free audio-visual website (9157 listens / reads so far!) for truly exciting, gripping, daring, quirky, sexy, unique, and erotic audiobooks (with character photos and flip-page read books) acted by my amazing superstars: 

Ruth Pownall

Linnea Sage

Cherry Pie

and Nikki Delgado

Basque is a themed compilation of stories examining different aspects of love over the years. From the persecution of witches in 1644, through the free love era of the Permissive Society, to modern attitudes. At a deeper, more meaningful level Basque is about how women and men love, use, abuse, and treat each other. This is why the stories are so unusual - and controversial. Basque - 21 sensational love stories - after all, rules are there to be broken, aren't they? The Cover Girl is Joely, from Basque, the title story. Doesn't she look sensational?

Short stories that capture the imagination 

‘An entertaining collection of short stories, most are between 20-30 pages. Furl's character portrayals and interesting plotlines give them a good level of depth. A fun read!’ *****

‘HJ does an amazing job bringing the characters to life. They feel real and draw you into their stories as you connect with their lives and experience how they see the world. Beautifully written stories that connect with your heart from the first page.’ *****

Is It Today?

An intriguing blend of fantast, bitter-sweet romance, and dystopian science fiction (28 stories for only £2.35 on Amazon!!) E-mail me at for your signed copy with its uniquely weird bookmark: £5 including postage and packing - hurry, while stocks last!

***** ‘Light enough for a holiday read!’  ***** ‘Great read for lockdown!’  ***** ‘Shocking, flamboyant and smart!’  ***** ‘Most creative work I have ever read!’ ***** ‘Amazing read!’

New Stories!

Coming Soon to my website:

Primordia - acted by Ruth
(Sci-Fi Romance)

Image: Carmen Landing

Aubin Daubert - acted by Ruth
(Social Media Fantasy)

Image: Aubin Daubert

and, in the next few days:

Belle - acted by Nikki

Read Me For Free at: Booksie.Com and Inkitt

Thank you for listening to, and reading me,

Best Wishes,


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