Strange Magic: Being a Small Author

The highs and lows of being a new minnow author in the vast Amazon Ocean! Strange Magic!

Magic Moments: 

Receiving a terrific round of applause from my fellow authors at Brentwood Writer's Circle and chants of "Brilliant" from Mulberry Writers for my impassioned live reading of Snowdrops from Basque! (Snowdrops, beautifully performed by Ruth is streaming live on SoundCloud and my website:

Maman in Snowdrops - when she was young.

Having my smashing Chinese neighbour rush up to me in the street crying "I love your new book!"

Basque - Love Stories

Appearing on Chat and Spin Radio last night, here's what I said:

I live in a left-behind Essex. A land of shabby suburbs, mixed with ancient forests, that dwell in the shadows of London. Welcome to a world of sleazy nail-bars, bald-headed barbers, toxic beauty parlours, gyms where no-one unplugs their ears to talk to you.
Writing changed my life. I learned to write online in 2016. Since then, I’ve read stories at a BBQ, in an organic café, a gazebo. I am proud to be a member of Brentwood Writer’s Circle. I love writing character. To me, character is all.  
Is It Today? is an intriguing blend of fantasies, bitter-sweet romances, and science fiction - like the alarming Young at Heart:
‘Tell me Maria, what are the bruises on your arms? How do you keep Lana so young?’
 ‘I think you should leave now, Mr Lucas,’ it replies.
Maria trembles and shakes as if about to erupt.
‘You feed Lana your blood, don’t you? To keep her young and beautiful.’
‘You don’t understand, Mr Lucas. You humans never understand! Mrs Lucas has to stay young. She models her own swimsuits on a catwalk. I think you should leave now.’
I look on astonished as Maria’s head spins, faster, and faster.
‘You should leave now! Por favor! Leave now. Arriverderci! Leave! Prego! Leave! Prego! Now! Leave! Now! Now! Now!
I push it aside and throw open the door of my grubby red Fiat Cinquecento.
Blood red! The colour of the blood Lana drinks from Maria’s elbow every morning to keep herself young. I see the shadows in Maria’s black eyes, realizing the awful truth, the artificial is dying to keep her mistress alive. She implores me:  
‘Prego! Leave! Now! Prego! Prego! Leave me! Now...! Before I kill you for your blood!’


Basque’s 21 Love Stories examine love over the years. From the persecution of witches in 1644, the free love era of the Permissive Society, to modern attitudes. At a deeper level Basque is about how women and men love, use, respect, and abuse each other. This is why my tales are so controversial.


I went all teary when I read this moving tale to Brentwood Writers’ Circle and Mulberry Writers Group.

Paris, 1983:
He is feeding her soup from a silver spoon, and she loves him. Feeding her like that! The soup is thick, and warm. She swallows, opening her mouth, licking her lips, with the tip of her tongue, craning her head, then she drops her jaw, so that he can feed her again. She dribbles some, feels the tiniest trickles run down her chin. He dabs her clean with a mouchoir. She blushes. Her cheeks bloom roses. He stops feeding her.  
Limb deficient Marie paints snowdrops - with her mouth.

Ana’s Orbs:

The disco on the veranda bar is in full swing, the dancefloor awash with flashing lights. Ana changes into a full-length black evening dress, split as high as her waist. Cue holiday romance!

Ana and "I"

The Marital:

Virginia tries to kill her man with a spade. Come on girls, own up!

Virginia and Brian

The Potting Shed:

Allen, seeking sex, love, & reconciliation with Antonia, is haunted by his dead bride Ruth.

Antonia and Allen

The Bristling:

A woman suffers terrible bristling. She meets a man who might be able to help her - just as she goes to jump in front of a train.


‘I’ll care for you, I’ll create an environment for you to live in that’s warm, comfortable, safe, secure, ensuring you’re well-fed. Make you happy. Make your dreams come true.

Basque - rules are there to be broken

Visit to hear my stories performed live!

And the lows?

Is It Today? is just £2.35 now for the paperback! If you can't buy it now when will you?

Having had 18550 reads on this Blog - and not a single comment! Are there any humans out there reading my blog - or are you all bots? Make yourself known folks!

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